Inaugural Post

January 10, 2011

Inaugural Post


Well, here it is, yet another blog about the gaming hobby. How new! How different! How very, very unusual! How about I quit trying to impress you with how damn clever I think I am and get to the part where I tell you what this blog is about, who I am and why you should read this one instead of the 87 billion other blogs about geek life that currently exist?

Odds are if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you already know me. I am Bob Wagner aka Mechgogo. If you’re a member of the Twin Cities gaming community you’ve probably shared a gaming table with me. I’ve been playing board, card and RPG games since 1989. I have been an MIB with Steve Jackson games and have been a major part of the gaming track at CONvergence since 2002. Ever played a game of Munchkin with Munchkin Guy at CONvergence? Well, now you can read about him twice a week. I admit; I’m a figure of some modest controversy. I’m plain spoken, more than a bit profane and generally not known for a soft response to people who don’t take “You are out of bounds. Please knock it off .” to heart the first time.

That being said, I know the hobby. I’ve run games for most of the systems out there. Munchkin, GURPS, D&D, HERO, Slugfest, Atlas, Looney Labs (the nice people behind Fluxx) and more.  I know what works, what doesn’t and what needs a little tweak to take it from passingly playable to addictive. This blog is going to be about board, card and RPG reviews. Odds are my painful level of honesty is going to bite me in the butt at least once since I don’t hold with giving only good reviews. If it’s playable I’ll tell you. If it sucks, guess what? You’re gonna hear about it. And in the interests of full disclosure I should let you know; I’m a demo volunteer for Slugfest Games and also for Atlas Games out of Maplewood Minnesota. Both solid companies that put out some quality merchandise but if they publish a turkey I’m going to say so.

I’ll also be doing op ed pieces. Local events going on in the gaming community, general geek etiquette, that sort of thing. I am going to be updating here Mondays and Wednesdays. Usually a new post should be up before noon that day but if it isn’t, come back later. It won’t be long. Comments and feedback are always welcome and I’m inviting anyone reading this to send topic suggestions. Just keep it civil. Manners are what separates us from the animals. Well, that and the ability to conceive of and build a flamethrower. Too bad really. It’d make trips to the zoo way more entertaining if thrown monkey feces was suddenly the least of what you had to worry about. And by all means, take all the shots you want about the similarities between this blog and thrown monkey poop.

One final note before I sign off. This blog isn’t just about what makes Eden Studios “All Flesh Must Be Eaten” RPG such a sleeper smash hit or why you’d need to be concussed to enjoy a game of “Cthulhu 500”. It’s also going to be about promoting my upcoming store, tentatively called MechGogo Games. And yes, that’s a copyright folks so don’t get any ideas.

Yes, gentle readers like every other nerd with delusions of adequacy I want to open my own gaming store. And I’m working on it as we speak. The difference between me and all too many people who make a run at it is experience. I’ve got twenty-three years behind a cash register my friends. I know what it takes to make a store , if not hugely successful then at least keep its nose above water from day to day. I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress along with the reviews, pictorials and rants about why soap is your friend. With any luck at all, this time next year at least some of you will be turning to one another and saying “Hey, did you hear the guy who runs Munchkin at CONvergence opened his own place? We gotta see this!”

That’s all for now. See you Wednesday when I’ll be reviewing Kung Fu Fighting by Slugfest Games.


Mech out.




One Response to “Inaugural Post”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Actually, that would be a trademark ;). Annoying sister – out.

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